Our system

energy efficiency + timberframe = sustainability3

Why Bonsai Architects?

At Bonsai we believe that ways of building and enjoying architecture today must look ahead to the future with more intensity than ever in History. The answer to that future is a Nature-inspired, sustainable, efficient, organic architecture.

In Japanese, Bonsai means “nature on a tray”, and this sums up well our mision: to help self-conscious people and companies aware of the need for change, to shift to a more sustainable future where they can express this sensitivity through their spaces and constructions. Our projects aspire to minimize carbon footprint providing excellence in confort, through the experience of an architecture that connects with Nature.

We are #woodlovers

At Bonsai we openly define ourselves as passionate for eco architectural design, being wood our starred material. Over a decade deepening in this field has led us to the formula of sustainable construction:

E + m = s3

The architects

Eva Chacón

Architect (Granada Architecture School, UGR, 2006). Masters Degree in Townplanning and Real Estate technical skills (College of Architects, Granada. 2006). International PhD Degree (Granada University, 2012).

“Our vision of the city of the future is that of an urban environment made up with its natural setting. Being inhabitant in a city will no longer mean living unplugged to Nature”. Interview on ‘A Better Habitat’ digital magazine, 2017/12/01

Eva is fond of good music -that which “can reach your soul”. Being born in Granada, she is a keen follower of flamenco events and festivals. Whether classical or contemporary, jazz or indie, she specially enjoys her instrument, the piano. Her parents are both Professors at the University, and responsible for the unstoppable trend for research in her life. A visit to the Barcelona Pavilion by architect Mies Van der Rohe at the age of 15 lit up her passion for Architecture, that has grown ever since. Her concern about key subjects as the current problems to fulfill the right to a dwelling, or the progressive deterioration of urban centers and peripheric areas in modern cities, led her to writing her PhD thesis on Strategies and tecnologies to recycle collective social habitat. She is also a great traveller, with a natural curiosity towards traditions, languages and cookery. If lost, look for her in the open, climbing trees or rocks preferably with her family crew. At the Office she leads the research and project development areas, coordinates collaborators, and plays the role of community manager.


Luis Llopis

Architect (Madrid Architecture School, UPM, 1992). Masters Degree in Architectural Integrated Projects (Fundación Camuñas, Madrid,1992). Masters Degree in Townplanning and Real Estate technical skills (Granada College of Architects, 2006).

“Smart design has nothing to see with stuffing buildings with microprocessors or mechanical devices, but rather with a wise use of bioclimatic design principles and an efficient handling of energy systems”. Interview on IDEAL newspaper, 2015/09/29

Luis is a dreamer, but with head in the clouds and feet on the ground. Being a child he enjoyed exploring his father’s architecture books, scribbling ideas and observing buildings and cities with curiosity. Before starting his college and university training he lived in the United States, where he became aware of other ways of doing and understanding the world. His visit to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater house changed his understanding of time and space. After completing his Architecture studies he joined his father’s Practice in Granada, where he learned the hard work to give shape to ideas and intuitions sharing the experience of the team. He is a keen traveller, and much enjoys his passion for photography and sketching. To break away from routine he dives in the submarine world, exploring algae prairies, caves and shipwrecks. Or he takes refuge with his family, his other great passion. At the Studio he takes the roles of general coordination, client liaison and project manager.


Innovation is our DNA

These are the key areas where we contribute to continuous innovation in our sector.


  • We actively participate in European scope research initiatives, and are part of the Black Poplar Board, a research and communication group headed by the Social Council of Granada University to foster the poplar wood industry in the Granada region.
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  • We participate from the COMPOP group in European research projects cpmo POPTEC for the promotion of poplar in the construction sector
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Intergenerational programs

We are founding partners of EIG_lab, a research and communication group that promotes concepts and ideas dealing with architecture and townplanning that foster interaction amongst generations.

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  • We take part on the think tank for BASS HOUSES- a company that has developed its very own construction technique using natural materials, BASS SYSTEM ®
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  • We are members of the Executive Board at ASA (http://www.sostenibilidadyarquitectura.com/), a nationwide architects association to promote sustainable architectural practices.
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  • As BREEAM® Spain Assesors we have taken part on the working group to revise and update the spanish version of Homes and Communities 2020.
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  • We have also participated in the Circular Economy Working Group for the construction sector at the National Congress CONAMA 2018 (http://www.conama2018.org/web/index.php).
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Energy efficiency

  • As Certified Passivhaus Designers we are partners to PEP, the National Board for Passivhaus Building, and participate in the promotion of this highly demanding standard
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  • We are assistant teachers to the ‘Sustainable Construction Degree’ promoted by the National Agency EOI ( https://www.eoi.es/) at the Andalusian Sustainable Construction Cluster
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Urban refurbishment

  • We are correspondent partners for the Andalusian Region to the ‘Observatorio Ciudad 3R’, a nationwide research project promoted by Fundación Ecología y Desarrollo (ECODES) (https://ecodes.org/).
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  • We have developed a PhD Research Paper on Innovative Refurbishment of Social Dwelling Districts.
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Study history

A trajectory of more than 50 years of history guarantees our commitment to Architecture. During these years numerous professionals and collaborators have been part of our team, which combines veteran and youth with a solid projection in fields as diverse as residential, school, tertiary and industrial architecture, rehabilitation and monumental restoration in historic centers, and urban planning .

1965 - 1994
1994 - 2014
2014 - Actualidad

Llopis Architects

The history of our Studio goes back to 1965 in Granada, when it was founded by the architect José Antonio Llopis Solbes.

Arqur SLP

In 1994, the Study was re-founded as the professional company Arqur SLP Arquitectura y Urbanismo, a stage led by Luis Llopis, architect and Cristina Llopis, technical architect.

Bonsai Architects

With the incorporation in 2014 of the architect and doctor Eva Chacón, the Studio is refounded and redefines its trajectory as a pioneer team in sustainable architecture.

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