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From the initial Concept Design to the last finishes, WO PROJECT integrates the full architectural design process. We offer additional consultancy services such as WO WOOD, WO PASSIV and WO BREEAM, to push your project forwards to infinity and beyond.

WO Project

Integrated service for project and site-coordination, plus project managing.


Wo Wood

Consultancy service for architectural design and site-coordination of cross-laminated timber (CLT) buildings.


WO Passiv

Consultancy service for Passivhaus design and certification


WO Breeam

Consultancy service for Breeam design and certificacion


What is Bonsai WO?

Architecture nowadays is becoming increasingly more and more complex as is faces highly demanding standards to comply with sustainability and energy efficiency regulations. We have reacted to this by implementing a specific production strategy that integrates the different tools, programs, construction standards and certification procedures that sort out the problems and achieve excellence. This is Bonsai WO.

“W” stands for the 5 stages in the development of a WO Project, and “O” for the revision and continuous checking process in our work. The combination of both reassures a top of the line service, to guarantee the aligning of the project with the initial vision and purpose of the assignment.

1Strategic Orientation

The starting point of the Project sets up the quality and feasibility of the whole process. It is critical that the initial gathering and compilation of information is accurate, to allow us obtain a good analysis of the situation and be able to offer a variety of practical solutions. The implementation of Passivhaus and/or Breeam requisites early in this process may imply great savings due to opportunity cost.

2Concept Design

Once the right orientation to the case is determined, our next objective is to translate it to the urban design or architectural language, distilling the information and the strategy to create a unique design that condenses your aspirations. This will be the germ for the architectural project.

3Architectural Project

At this stage we introduce the concept design into our workflow. This is critical, because we apply the advanced tools of Bonsai WO. As a result we don’t obtain a mere project, but rather a virtual construction with thousands of data that will allow us visualize spaces, measure energy needs and costs, evaluate environmental impact, and anticipate solutions to prevent problems on-site.

4Site coordination and Project Managing

At this stage we get involved deeply to make sure that the virtual BIM model responds to the expectations. Our goal here is to produce a very effective job with strict planning and cost control, conceived to be tracked with project managing strategies and based on Lean Construction procedures.

5Final check out and Monitoring

We make sure that finishes match the project prescriptions to the last detail, and that the building is fit to regulations and testing procedures. We assemble certificates and suitability reports to produce a Register Book that will include the detailed cost analysis and a set of ‘as built’ plans. Building monitoring for confort and running costs is an optional service.

Our methodology is made up of the combined use of these tools:


BIM information and CAD system


Lean Construction


Co-operative workflow with our Clients


Passivhaus standard design, calculation, on-site coordination


Breeam certification protocols and procedures


Life Cycle Analysis


Structural Design with CLT Wood


Natural materials construction system


Bioclimatic and Green Building strategies

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